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Become a volunteer

in the library!


Sign up here!

  • Book Check-out   

  • Create, manage, or deliver prizes 

  • Bulletin boards & art projects

  • Make copies & laminate 

  • Create posters & signage 

  • Clean & neaten the library

  • Hang signage for events

  • Process and prep books 

  • ID badge photo days 

  • School inventory (beginning of year)                 

  • Displays

  • Help with contests

  • Write articles and notices

  • Research great books

  • Organize stuff

  • Prep laptops for student use

  • Set up for events

  • Help manage overdue books

  • Orientation dates 

  • Library Inventory (end of year)

Family Members NEEDED!

We won’t throw you in and expect you to know things immediately! You have time to get your feet wet and find a place where you fit, so you can have fun while you work!

  • We will plug you in however it fits your schedule!

  • We only assign you to tasks you like, so you’ll enjoy your time with us!

  • Can’t come in regularly? That’s ok; you can work from home! Things like researching books, and designing flyers can be done on your time!! 

  • Are you artistic? We need help with some painting projects.

  • Can’t commit regularly?  We need helpers who only work events like ELA class orientation, ID Badge picture days, contest dates, prize distribution days, or Inventory. Just do your thing and you’re done!

  • Want to work with students? No problem! Come in during lunch or other popular times to help students find books and check out materials!


Here are SOME areas where we’ll need help:

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