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The College, University, or Training Facility Visitation

                               Purpose : to make you aware of your options. Find out

                               what you'll neeed IF you go to school! (Ever change your                                      mind in life? It could happen again! BE PREPARED!)


                               Know what career path you want to follow?

                               Find out what classes in your field will be like. You might be                                surprised and HATE them! (Find out BEFORE you enroll!)


                               Am I required to sit in on a class? No, but it wouldn't be a bad idea if you have time. Getting a sneak peek could save you thousands of dollars if you realized you didn't like it. Plus it might inspire you on a topic for your research paper!


REMEMBER: You'll need evidence of your visit. Here are some artifacts which will serve as evidence:

  • A registration or confirmation letter with details of your visit

  • A thank you letter from the facility thanking you for your visit

  • An email from a facility staff member confirming your visit


TAKE PICTURES!! You'll need them for your slideshow at the

end and/or your tri-fold board.


Questions? Contact Sandy Mitchum in guidance. She can help you find appropriate places to visit, coach you on what to do, and explain things you might want to consider about the places you visit. You can email her below if you need to:






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