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Akin/Foutch: Persuasive Argument

Find websites to help you with your persuasive writing:

1) Create a claim based on your research. Highlight this in purple.

2)  Select at least 2 quotes to support your statement (statements made by professionals that support your opinion). Highlight these in yellow.

3) Find at least 2 facts - statistics, percentages, studies, lists (ex: cause/effect, treatments, side-effects, etc...), charts,... Highlight these in green.

4) Define at least 3 relevant terms (keywords) related to your research - circle these.

5) Credit your sources (tell where your facts and quotes are from). Underline in BLUE or  BLACK. OR put them in parentheses!

6) Decide how this information directly applies to YOU! Include this in your paper. Highlight this in pink. (This should be IN THE PARAGRAPH)

Choose one aspect of the brain you're most interested in learning more about.  In your research be sure to do the following:

Use at least 2 sources              Due after Break

But credit your sources EVERY time you quote or use info from it.

Akin due date: 3/25/22

Foutch due date: 4/1/22

Mrs. Underhill's Help Sheets:

How SLEEP affects the brain

"Sleep and the Brain" - published by Harmonized Brain Centers

"Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep" - published by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

"How Lack of Sleep Affects the Brain" - published by the British Broadcasting Company

How NUTRITION affects the brain

"How Does Nutrition Affect the Brain?" - published by the San Fransisco Gate (a division of the San Fransisco Chronicle)

"Nutritional Psychiatry: Your Brain on Food" - published by Harvard Health Publishing.

"Scientists Learn How What You Eat Affects Your Brain — And Those of Your Kids" - published by UCLA (University of California Los Angelos)

How EXERCISE affects the brain

"How Workouts Give Your Brain a Boost" - published by CNN (Cable News Network)

"The Influence of Exercise on Cognitive Abilities" - published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

How MUSIC affects the brain

"How Does Music Affect Your Brain?" - published by Ashford University

"'The Power Of Music' To Affect The Brain" - published by NPR (Nashville Public Radio)

"The Psychological Functions of Music Listening" - published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

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