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Reading & Writing

Visit these links to help you in planning for your ELA projects, research, and lessons

Content-Specific Tech tutorials:

This box is for technology tutorials that are content specific to ELA. If you know of any others to add, please let me know.

Probable Passage Using Padlet. Video File. 5:06. Created by D. Scott.

Text Complexity

There is not one specific website that can determine text complexity.  When determining the complexity of a text three areas should be considered: qualitative, quantitative, and reader and task.  Attached documents to support the consideration of qualitative and reader & task.  Teachers can go to the lexile website to determine lexile levels

Text Complexity Analysis: (click here for a template)

Online Support:

If you know of any other trustworthy sources that could be included in this collection, please contact me so I can add them!

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