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Teacher Resources

Visit this page for helpful online resources you need to access quickly and often!


Hadley LMC Sign Up

Check the calendar to see availability and send in your request to use the library space here! 

Password & Username Hints

Created to help you remember all the combinations of passwords you have to keep straight!

PLEASE! If you notice I have something wrong, contact me and let me know so I can correct it! :) 

Important MNPS or DHMS Reference Sheets

Click the icon to access the Spreadsheet

General Help Sheets - NOT from MNPS or DHMS

Click the icon to access the Spreadsheet

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 3.46.12 PM.png

MNPS Department of Curriculum and Instruction 

Scope & Sequence

ServicePRO Desk Ticket: General Tech needs

Contact the ServicePRO Desk for general needs (often these are the ones Garth will take care of. You can also email Access the quickstart guide here if you need help working ServicePRO  


Library Book Room List

Here is a list of every book set we have available with specific info including ISBN so you can look  up what you need on Amazon without having to spend hours in the closet!

Library Lessons List

Want to know specifically how the your librarian can help your students perform better? Here is a list of lessons we can teach them and ideas of other ways we can support you!

Tech Support Guy

A site to help you find answers to a teacher's most common technology problems. Membership is free on individual basis. Answers are given by professional techies.

Want to add a site?

Know of a site that teachers need QUICK and FREQUENT access to?

Contact Ms. Kirchmyer in the media center, and we can add it on.

Use the link below to send an email today!

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