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Ginja intimidates the owls.  She's fierce!

Ginja meets Karate Kid.

Ginja takes out the zombie!

Who is

Ginja the Library Ninja?

​Ginja is the real-life, comic-styled character who fights for literacy domination!  Though she appears as a calm, happy, middle-aged librarian..... when the situation calls for it she turns into a stealthy, energetic, teen-age "karate-kid" who's out to change the way students view literacy, books, and technology!  She fights apathy, boredom, and ignorance.  Her mission is to change the world, one student at a time.....

If you would like to be involved in Ginja commercials, artwork, comics, etc... let Ms. K know today!!

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Q: I'm not sure I want to be involved. What would I be asked to do?

A: Ginja is a tool for informing students about reading, libraries, and resources in a fun way. I need LOTS of artwork (drawings of Ginja - and I don't have an "official" Ginja artist yet). I also would like to create videos (commercials) that teach lessons. I need people who can shoot, edit, and act in these commercials.  I also need an official "Ginja" who attends functions like the Barnes and Noble Book Fair in December.  She's just a fun character who helps to make everything about the library more fun. I'm even looking for comic book artists who might be able to create comics to display when the time is right.


Q: Is there an age requirement (or a size requirement for Ginja)?

A: There is no age requirement to help with anything; you just need to be committed. (If you tell me you're going to do something, then you do it)  For the Ginja the Library Ninja model (the person who dresses up in the costume for events), I need someone who is a size 2; for the videos, Ginja needs to be able to do backhandsprings and flips. 


Q: Why would someone want to help with creating Ginja the Library Ninja?

A: Ginja was created as a tool for getting the word out about the importance of reading.  Those involved are mostly going to be doing it as community service and as an item to include in their portfolio for college or work. 


If you have more questions, just email them to me in the above contact form!

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