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Senior Project Job Shadowing Experience


Typically the favorite part of the process, the job shadowing experience gives you the opportunity to see if you really like the field you think you like. Sometimes, once you see what it's about, your feelings can change. Here are some rules you must follow:


  • Job shadowing experiences may not be conducted with a family member as a mentor.  

  • Mentors must be at least 21 years of age.  

  • Your job shadowing experience may not occur at a place where you are/have been employed or where you work as a volunteer.  

  • If you choose the field of education, your job shadowing experience may not take place at Signal Mountain Middle High School or at a school in which a family member is employed.




A note of caution: It is important to get your mentor/job shadowing date secured as quickly as possible. MANY students anticipate their wonderful opportunities scheduled for Winter Break or January only to have plans cancelled for one reason or another, forcing them to job shadow somewhere (not as good) last minute. If possible, do your job shadowing during the summer or Fall Break when your schedule is flexible. Professionals are busy people with often-changing schedules. It would not be a bad idea to schedule 2 or 3 experiences so if one backs out, you're ok. Plus, since it's such a valuable experience, you'll be glad you did!

For help finding a mentor and/or place to job shadow, contact Dr. Dagnan in guidance.

You can also see Ms. Chestnutt in guidance for help as well, or email her here:

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