Professional Development

Visit this page for recommendations, tools, tutorials, and general resources to aide you in becoming more efficient and current in your practices. 

How to Effectively Incorporate Therapy Dogs into Your Library Programming: For School Librarians - Look at what the research tells us about student growth and achievement when they work with a therapy dog, plus other benefits like reduced stress/anxiety, more confidence, and increased attendance at school. Find out how to start a program at your school. Many resources are available in this slideshow.

Building Your Own Library Website - For Librarians

How to Create a High Quality School Library Website: For School Librarians - What does the latest research say on why and how to create your library website? This interactive slideshow has all the help you need!

The Flipped Classroom

Click here to access Ginger's slideshow on The Flipped Classroom, offering practical examples of how school professionals are using this technique. (Click on links within the slideshow for examples - pictures and text)

Google drive -


New users to Google: Watch my step-by-step tutorial to help you learn how Google Drive is used, and how it can help YOU in the classroom! Click on the icon to watch the tutorial (30:55)


View my slideshow to see real-life examples of how school personnel are using Google Drive to help them be more effective educators!  Click on the icon to view the slideshow at your own pace


Google (More): Visit for more tutorials on Google Drive. These are great for even experienced users! Click the icon next to each description for access to the tutorial!






Intro to Google Drive (scroll down to the tutorial video)



Creating different Google Documents   (scroll down to the tutorial video)



Sharing Files, Documents, and Folders in Google Drive   (scroll down to the tutorial video)



Document Organization and Management   (scroll down to the tutorial video)

Jing - Photo capturing 

Jing Tutorial: You can capture pictures of anything you see online with Jing.  It's easy to use and FREE!

Limitless Libraries from Nashville Public Library

General Tutorial: How to use Limitless Libraries (3:37)

Title Search (at OTHER schools): Need a collection of titles for a short window of time but don't have the funds to purchase them? Here's how to figure out WHICH schools in Nashville have the books YOU need. Follow these easy steps, and then contact those librarians yourself or notify Ms. K to help you get the books sent to you! ;)

QR Codes in Education - How to use them:

QR Code tutorial on how and why to use QR Codes with your instruction!  They're a great tool for you and your students!



General Tutorial: Symbaloo is an organizational tool which will be an ENORMOUS time-saver for any teacher and many students! Watch this guide to learn how to sign up and some of its basic functions. (7:25) Click here for the written instructions.


This Symbaloo help sheet will guide you step-by-by-step to create and set up your own Symbaloo page(s). Want to use the MNPS page? Click here.  Want to know a little more about what Symbaloo does & how it can help you? Click here.

TEL- Curricular Resources Page

The  "Curricular Resources" Page for teachers for TEL offers several tutorials; I especially recommend the "6-12 How-To Videos."    

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