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Hadley's Current Reading Challenge

Find out all the details in how to participate & win big in this challenge.

Scroll down for instructions on how to participate and win prizes!

Sign in to Beanstack with your MNPS email to hear other students recommending books from OUR library!

Click here for a tutorial refresher on how to log your minutes.

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  • STEP ONE: Log in to your account here. (You can also access it through Clever on an MNPS device) . Here is your sign in information:

    • Username: Student ID - (your 190#)

    • Password: Birthday (mmdd) - like how you sign in to Limitless Libraries

  • STEP TWO: Click LOG READING (in the top, left corner of the page). Continue clicking the selections until you get to calendar. Select the date of your reading by clicking on the box with the date on which you read. Insert the amount of minutes (in hour or minute format), the title & author, and then click LOG.

  • As you meet reading goals you will earn badges (they will turn from grayscale to color). 




  • Can I win prizes?

    • Yes! Since your reading is logged online we can see it too, so we're able to manage your prizes while your teachers manage your grades!​

  • How do I set my reading goal for the month?

    • Everyone has the same reading goal: 20 min per day! :) That's 140 min per week.​

  • If I don't read one day, but I read double the next day, does that count?

    • Yes it does! As long as your total reading time for the challenge averages out to 20 minutes per day, you have met your goal.​

  • Can I enter in required reading from my classes, like, if a teacher requires me to read an article? What about if I read from a religious book at home? Does that count?

    • All reading counts as long as it is logged.​ :)

  • Can I enter things I read from last semester?

    • No. Only things you have read from the date the challenge begins will count.

  • What if my teacher doesn't want to participate?

    • Your librarian can see everything you enter, so you can still earn pizza, ice cream, free books, and other special give-aways!​ Just be sure to log it all online.

  • If my teacher has a reading challenge or assignment just for our class, will it count toward the library's reading challenge prizes?​​

    • Anything that is entered into Beanstack will count toward your reading challenge prizes whether it is for school or your own personal reading. It ALL counts!​

  • When am I allowed to go online to enter in my reading info to Beanstack?

    • If your ELA teacher isn't giving you class time to do it, use BARC. Plus, you can access it at home as well. Just get there through Technobrary instead of Clever.

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