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History, Geography, & Social Studies

Visit these links to help you in planning

for your projects, research, and lessons

Library of Congress: Discover and discuss the most effective techniques for using Library of Congress primary sources in the classroom with this blog. Teaching strategies, outstanding primary sources, lesson plans, teacher resources, and current thinking on effective classroom practice are all open for discussion.
Manataka American Indian Council: The MAIC is a non-profit, educational, cultural and spiritual organization dedicated to preserving the ancient sacred grounds of Manataka. This site can be used to read accounts of American history from the viewpoint of the Native American. These include holidays, legends, medical accounts, and even views of maps, artwork, and musical instruments used by the Manataka tribe. In addition, there are teacher units included with some of the content to assist with classroom use.
Maps, Etc.: A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 25 maps in non-commercial school projects without further permission.

If you know of any other trustworthy sources that could be included in this collection, please contact me so I can add them!

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