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DHMP Library's STEAM Challenge Page

See what fun STEAM challenges are happening in our library!

A Valentine for Achilles (A Gift of Love) : The DHMP Library's 2nd STEAM Challenge!

Achilles is Ms. K's bulldog, and the library's mascot. He's a great ambassador for DuPont Hadley because, after all, we ARE the BULLDOGS!!!! Achilles got some bad news recently: he's losing his feeling in his back legs, and he's likely going to become paralyzed in his hind quarters. 

The DHMP STEAM Team is on it! They have accepted the challenge of designing a DIY doggy wheelchair for Achilles.  We can't wait to see what they come up with!

Achilles' story:

The DHMP STEAM Team accepts the challenge!

A big congratulations to the library's STEAM Costume Design Contest participants and winners!

Triple-threat Stephanie, Hailey, and Katie won big as our fidget cubes, taking home the prize in Design Process, Craftsmanship, & Overall Favorite!

Jack won for the thrify challenge!

Other participants included Aiden as a gumball machine, Noah as Spiderman, Kelsey as a butterfly, and Gabe as a cardboard knight!

Congrats to all! You inspire us with your creativity and resourcefulness!

Criteria: Students wanting to participate were given specific requirements at the end of September and told they had 4 weeks and the following requirements:

  • no storebought costumes allowed

  • cost can be no more than $10 ( a cost analysis was done for students to itemize and turn in expenses to be certain they met this criterion).

  • use no more than 1 personal item

  • use no more than 3 borrowed items

  • include their head (by covering it or having accessories)

All items like tape, string, etc... were calculated into their cost analysis as part of their expenses. Special prizes will be given for the following:

  • craftsmanship

  • design process

  • thrifty challenge

  • best overall costume

Students (or groups) were eligible to win more than one category. All participants received a prize for entering.​ Faculty of DHMP voted on the costumes using the photos and information provided by each contestant. Winners were announced on October 30th, 2017.

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