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Recommended Reading

Looking for something to read? Here are some top rated resources:

Use this page as a tool to help you find interesting and appropriate books for what you're looking for. Whether you want to teach a unit, read with your child, or just check out the newest and latest, this resource will be a lot of help!

Why Read?

Did you know reading helps you in SO many different ways? Just about any kind of reading you do (independent, audio books, listening to another person read to you...) will help you get smarter AND increase your brain power in so many other ways!! Here's a great article on the importance of bedtime reading. Thanks so much to site visitor Marissa and her teacher Ms. Gianakas for sharing this amazing find! Click here to access the article. (P.S. There are some more great stories recommended in this article as well)

Talk to Books  

Powered through Google, this AI (Artificial Intelligence) book title generator allows you to type the way you talk, and then based on what you type, it makes book suggestions for you. It even allows you to see pages where you can read samples pages from the text in order to determine if you like the writer's style.

For Students

For Teachers

For Parents

Scholastic's Top Picks

Scholastic lists all their award winning Young Adult books for the year..

LitPick Book Reviews

Formerly called Flamingnet, this site is a AASL Best Picks site for students.  Young adult books reviewed by young adult reviewers.  It can be enjoyed by an entire class, a book club, or an individual reader. 

What Should I Read Next?  

Type in the name of the title you read (and enjoyed). The system will generate titles that you might like based on your reading selections. Note: When you enter the title, it will generate a list of titles with the same or similar names, and you select the one from the list. Click that title, and THEN it will generate the list! ;)


A division of the American Library Association, YALSA's mission is to expand and strengthen library services for teens, ages 12–18; this organization sponsors Young Adult Literature Symposium, Teen Read Week, and Teen Tech Week.


The world's largest site for readers and book recommendations. Track your own reading, see what your friends are reading, and receive personalized book recommendations Geared toward adults or older readers.

Young Adult (and kids) Book Central

Similar to Flixters for movies, this site gives a basic run-down of the book, then a score from the experts and a score from the readers. It's a great way to see reviews on new books, and readers can join as reviewers as well. This is a fun social experience for tween and teen readers as well as a helpful resource.

Reading from around the World

Here's a blog with some recommendations you might be interested in. It includes titles that are read around our world so you can see what students all over are reading!

Guys Read

This site is dedicated to promoting materials that boys like to read. It provides rationale and materials for how we can help boys read more and improve their literacy! It includes book suggestions based on theme, info on authors, reading lists, and ratings, plus more! If there's a teen boy in your world (or if you are a teen boy), you need to know about this site!

Mrs. Readerpants

It sounds young, I realize, but she really has some good recommendations - even for older kids. I like that she has genrefied her lists (put them in groups by genre), and she gives a parents' perspective, so for parents or teachers who are wanting to take an active role in reading with your kids, this is a great resource. 

YA Lit

Want to know about the new books coming out? This site is your friend! This is basically a list of new YA (not middle grades) titles being released. There is no description or details other than the basic title, author and release date although there is a link to Amazon where you can investigate further. It's maintained by a teen librarian in New Jersey.  It also provides detail on if the book is a part of a series, and it lists that series name and the number within the series for the noted title. 

NLC: Books in a Series

This is a quick tool for searching for books in a series.  No details about the books are provided. This is just a reference tool.

No Flying No Tights

For information on Manga, Anime, or Comics, this site will be extremely helpful. Created by a librarian and former college professor, the purpose of this site was created as a place to review graphic novels and was made specifically for students, teachers, and librarians. The site reads like a blog, but you can look up titles by name to learn more about what's what in the manga/anime/comic world. Don't be afraid to explore and find the page(s) you like best.

Graphic Novel Reporter

An alternative site for looking up reviews on Graphic Novels. This site was created for teen librarians, but it can be a helpful resources to anyone in finding out about what's available. Remember, there is a difference in kids, teen, and adult graphic novels, so make sure you know what you're looking for!

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