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Breakdown of Steps for Researching on our Systems:

Step One: Research

Use OPAC (The Library's search system) to see what we have in the library

Use the library website (Good news! You're already here!) Hover on "Research Help," then click "Databases and Sites." Then scroll down to the section that best fits your research field, and search. Remember: all databasesare different, so just because you don't find something in one doesn't mean it doesn't exist - try another. (Just like you would a newspaper or magazine...

Use the Google Search terms help sheet to learn more about how to phrase your search terms in order to get better results!

Step Two: Cite Your Sources!

The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) is the best place to look for help with this! Pay attention to the directions in the left-hand column to help you find what you need!

Easy Bib can help generate citations for you, but be careful because it's not always accurate!  It's best to look on the OWL first! :)

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